Delivering a Project and Presenting to a Multi-Level Audience

Delivering a project to the client involves many substantial tasks such as client training and presenting the project functionality and details in front of multi-level audience. When I was working on an Oracle based project, the release process generally used to involve signing off the project agreement document, project presentation, client training and post-release support.

Delivering a Project

Software firm and Client organization or individual client will have an agreement document that will state the requirements, budget and schedule of the project. As a part of release process, representatives of both Software Company and client will have to go over the agreement document and sign it off. Any issues related to budget, functionality or schedule are supposed to be addressed when the product gets released. The process of resolving the issues if any will continue throughout the support phase of the project.

Effective Project Presentations. Egeland (2010). Retrieved from Retrieved from

Effective Project Presentations. Egeland (2010). Retrieved from

Delivering the project also entails functionality support and accommodating changing requirements. Functionality support involves the support from software firm with respect to functionality that is not working or is expected to work in a specific way. If functionality is not meeting the Client’s requirements, the software company is held liable for making the necessary changes.

Presenting to a Multi-Level Audience

During my tenure as Oracle Apps Technical Consultant I offered many technical presentations. The audience for these presentations used to be multi-level ranging from project manager to representatives from Sales team. Needless to say, software developers and representatives from testing and QA teams were also used to be part of the audience. In order to make such kind of multi-level audience presentation work, I developed a strategy after giving the entire process a serious thought.

In order to make multi-level audience to understand the project, the presentation should not include only the technical details. Of course the technical aspects should be put forward but one needs to use layman terms. The presentation should cover technical, business and functionality aspects of the software project.

Presenting to Multi-Level Audience. Hodge (2014). Retrieved from

Presenting to Multi-Level Audience. Hodge (2014). Retrieved from

The target audience may include COO, CEOs. It may also include recent college graduates who are more interested in understanding how stuff works. CEOs and COOs might just expect the speaker to present the business directions and client representatives might just expect the functionality side of it.

The Speaker has to maintain the balance in order to make the effective presentation. The speaker needs to explain the functionality of the project not going into unnecessary technical details. At the same time he needs to touch the business benefits the product is going to give. For a layman to understand the project, speaker also needs to summarize is non-technical terms. The functionality can be effectively explained with the help of diagrams, charts.


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3 thoughts on “Delivering a Project and Presenting to a Multi-Level Audience

  1. Good job by the author. The blog is well written and has covered all the minute details which should be taken care of while presenting the project to a multi-level audience. I liked the way the author has incorporated her work experience in explaining the things which makes it more interesting. The content organization in a very simple language makes this blog very intuitive. Overall a very good attempt. Well done!!


  2. The blog content is very well organised . Swapna you have nicely presented the industry approaches to the project delivery.Most of the software developers face issues when we present to multi level audience. I appreciate your thoughts on how to present to a multi level audience and they are useful. A picture is worth a thousand words, pictures in the blog are self explanatory. Good job !


  3. The blog throws light on the various details involved in delivering a project. It gives insight on how one should present the project to multilevel audience. The author also explains this with her personal experience, which makes it more clear. This blog has really helped me understand the do’s and don’t’s of presentation and I believe it will be very intuitive to students as well as people in industry who may have present .Well done !!


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